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We are very excited today because we have Mr Smith in to teach us about blogging. He has a website called www.amazingict.co.uk

Tomorrow he is in Wales at a school called Cadoxton Primary.

We are finding out some facts about the school and are going to ask some questions that the students and teachers can answer tomorrow?

Here we go….

Remember the rules of blogging and e-safety

Good luck

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18 Responses to Our Blogging Partner

  1. EdBarnard says:

    Hello Mr Smith, I have a question because I want to know how to make a new blog.

    Could you reply to me to tell me how please?

    • Admin says:

      Most blog sites are built with wordpress. This is free. You can downloadit, create a blog on their server or use someone elses version such as j2webby or edublogs

  2. JackSivill says:

    Thanks for showing me the blog. 🙂

    • JackSivill says:

      Did you use j2e to create your amazingict blog.

      • Admin says:

        No it is a website built using HTML rather than I blog built using the wordpress solution. A blog tends to allow posts and comments to be made easily and quickly. Websites are usually harder to adapt.

        Great question Jack

  3. Annie says:

    Hi, I’d just like to know how many people are in your year six? We have only got sixteen! It’s a very small year!!!!!!

  4. Emily says:

    Hiya! As you know our year is really small (only 16!) . We have lots of classes that are mixed years. Our class has got 16 year sixes and 8 year fives. Do you have any mixed classes? Thanks x

  5. Anonymous says:

    I found that altogether there are 42 teachers and TAs

  6. EdBarnard says:

    I would like to know how to make one on J2Webby.com

    • Admin says:

      On the iPad you need to click on j2webby apps. Choose the first icon and you can create your own post. You need to save it and then blog it (by clicking on the ball icon). Happy blogging Ed.

  7. KizziTaylor says:

    Hello Mr.smith Thank you for showing me the blog and how to make a posts

  8. PoppyKaiser says:

    Hi my name is Poppy. What is it like to live by the sea? We live by the longest river in the UK.See if you can find out what it is called and reply via our blog. Thanks

  9. sophie and chloe says:

    Hi ya mr smith thank you for showing us how to make a game on Kodo.

    • Admin says:

      It is my pleasure Sophie and Chloe. I will be showing the students at John Wilkinson how to program this week so that you can share some ideas.

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